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Friday, July 25, 2014

Yoga Challenge Day 2 and Friday Plans

Good Morning!  Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.  Sun is shining and the Hubby put some coffee on for me before he headed out to work.  I sat outside and watched Wasabi and the two neighbor dogs play with each other through the fence.  It's so cute! One by one the neighbor dogs come up and let Wasabi give them kisses through the fence.  The neighbor dogs are much bigger and bend down to let Wasabi give kisses.  Then they all run back and forth and in circles.  I think Wasabi needs a four legged brother or sister of his day.

Hubby should be back around lunch time and then is off until Tuesday!  We'll be busy straightening up the house...inside and out.  I'm hoping to head over to the PX sometime today.  I heard the salon is doing free eyebrow waxing and lemme tell you, this girl needs her brows waxed!  I'm also planning on making something big for dinner, so we'll have leftovers for lunches this weekend.  I'll be updating later with pictures of today.  Have a fantastic Friday!

Yoga Challenge:

Day 2

The first few stretches in child pose felt amazing!  The next what felt like an eternity in downward dog not so amazing.  The cobra poses and warrior series helped to balance it out.  I can honestly say my shoulders and upper back feel nicely stretched!

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