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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yoga Challenge & Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  The Hubby and I had a very relaxing one.  We also get a bonus day tomorrow (and then the Hubby leaves for training on Tuesday.)  Saturday we treated ourselves to a session of acupuncture.  It's weird to think of having needles stuck in you as relaxing, but trust me it is!  Even the Hubby enjoys it.  Today we went to church and have been enjoying a mini Netflix marathon of Hell on Wheels.  As anyone else watched it?

I'm still going strong with the yoga.  Go me!

Day 3

This has been my favorite by far!  I really loved all the cat/cow and cobra poses.

Day 4

Ab day.  Ouch!  This one was really hard.  The Hubby had a lot of fun taking pictures of me struggling lol.

Of course, Wasabi had to join in.  I think he's really enjoying the 30 day yoga challenge too!

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